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Pirouette Class

Hello, we are 2 Left Feet Foundation! We have used dance to increase social-emotional learning in schools, community centers, and other aspects of our community lives. 

We use dance as a youth empowerment tool that has helped remove the youth from gangs, prevent suicides, increase self-esteem, and encourage entrepreneurship. 

Dance Class

Bridging The Gap Summer Camp

Detroit 2022

Wayne State University

Free Admission

Dance Education, Financial Literacy, Mental Health Awareness, Mock Interviews, & etc.

ages 12-18yo,

July 7th 9am-5pm


Upcoming Events

  • Bridging The Gap Summer Camp, 2023 -  Phoenix, AZ
    Jun 22, 9:00 AM MST – Jun 24, 4:00 PM MST
    Cortez High School, 8828 N 31st Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85051, USA
    Social nonprofit organization purposed to impact the communities in which we live by empowering our youth, leading them to higher heights spiritually, physically, socially, and financially. Our strategic alliance will stop at nothing to help create confident and intelligent leaders of tomorrow.

2LFF's programs enhance our student's professional and personal growth, expanding their education and various areas of their lives. Our program helps our students grow and flourish physically, emotionally, and mentally. Students cultivate and strive to build a better nation, one community at a time. 

If you are a decision maker in the school systems, youth organization, or work within an organization that is looking to revamp your dance program or add one... 2 LFF can assist with helping your organization with better outcomes, deliverables, and events. 

Marley Ybarra

Best. Help. Ever. Spent an hour together for a dance lesson and felt so much better and ready for our wedding day. Highly recommend!

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